Combining Beauty and Function

I take great pleasure in converting a pile of wood into an accessory or piece of furniture that is as beautiful as it is functional. Showcasing the stunning work of nature drives my choice of wood, design and techniques.

As an orchestral percussionist who performed in the United States and Europe for 25 years, I immersed  myself in process, practice and patience, paying attention to detail and striving for the artistic ideal. I have carried these attributes over to woodworking to produce pieces of exceptional quality

Dovetails on a low cherry bench

A cabinet top pieced together from six boards of ash

Japanese sensibilities guide much of my work. Clean, simple lines fit with decor both modern and traditional. Exposed joinery highlights the beauty in function. And hand finishing, from painstaking planing to rubbing, gives my pieces a depth impossible to achieve in mass production.

I have the great fortune to live in Pennsylvania, giving me access to some of the finest wood in the world, all milled locally. I specialize in listening to customers’ needs and combining them with the beauty of locally grown cherry, ash, locust and figured maple to craft custom-made furniture to fit every taste and space,